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Notice: I have recently moved domains from mtiger.tk to mtiger.xyz. Any old links to http://mtiger.tk will redirect to this page, so you might end up here when you were trying to go somewhere else.

About Me

I am simply a follower of Jesus Christ who happens to do some web design. I want to use my programming abilities to serve the Lord.


These are some of my skills. Below each skill are some of my best examples or subgroups of the skill.

I use web technologies almost every day, and know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript very well. I know some PHP and I have been using it recently. I know some Python, and my knowledge of it has been growing quickly. My C++ skills are minimal, don't ask me to code in this.

I am particularly interested in cryptography and law (especially when it comes to copyright).

Contact Me

There are many ways to contact me, one of the easiest is via one of my online accounts:

Social Accounts

Here are some places I am online:

GitHub (MasterOfTheTiger)

GitLab (MasterOfTheTiger)

Diaspora (masterofthetiger@kingdompod.com)

Mastodon (@masterofthetiger@theres.life)


My email address is ted.jameson at protonmail dot com.

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